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PRISM® Weight Loss Program

The PRISM® Weight Loss Program is a Christian oriented program. It is a complete, 24 plus weeks program divided into four or more six-week phases. Enrollment is optional for each six-week phase, enabling you to choose how long you will participate in the program. Each phase includes a curriculum that participants read on a daily basis. Weekly support meetings are offered which include a video presentation and encouragement from your group leader and fellow class members.

The PRISM® Weight Loss Program is based on the belief that people with weight problems and poor eating behaviors can be restored to emotionally whole, right-weighted individuals. Any program can help you lose weight, but most leave you unprepared to continue after weight loss. PRISM® focuses on transforming your attitude about food, the activity of eating, and most important, your attitude about you! This attitude transformation will produce the right actions to support the person you were created to be....for life!

Prism is the nutritional program Hope Wellness uses for the Winning by Losing Program.


More Information

New sessions/groups are starting at various times throughout the year. Please contact Sue Beckman, beckman@hope.edu, if you are interested in the program.

Cost is $15 for the first six weeks and $10 for each subsequent six week session.


Hope College Employee Wellness Program | 141 East 12th Street | PO Box 9000 | Holland, Michigan 49422
email: wellness@hope.edu