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Water Aerobics

# of Classes
Session III MW 12:00-12:50 pm August 6 - 29 8 $25 Dow Pool
Session II MW 12:00-12:50 pm June 4 - Aug 1
(No class 7/23,  rescheduled 7/27)
14 $50 Dow Pool

Aqua aerobics is a complete cardio and strength workout, minus the impact to the joints because it takes place in the pool. The class will be held in shallow water, and various types of equipment will be utilized. Benefits of aqua aerobics include:

Fat Burning

Studies of healthy people estimate that 400-700 calories can be burned per hour of aquatic exercise. How many calories will depend on the intensity applied to the exercises. Many people will experience a reduction in appetite as well.

Aerobic Conditioning

People who participate in aerobic water exercise experience the same benefits as those who participate in aerobic exercise on land. They have healthier hearts (improved cholesterol levels), better lung capacity (more efficient use of oxygen), better metabolic rates, and for those prone to high blood pressure, lower blood pressure.

Resistance Training

Because the aquatic environment offers natural resistance (12 times that of air), those participating in water exercise are always building muscle strength. In addition, a number of aquatic equipment options have been developed to increase resistance during water exercise helping to develop muscle tone.

Inactive Adults

For those who are just starting a regular exercise program later in life, the water is great way to begin (with a physician’s approval). People are most likely to experience positive results without injury if they get wet!

Cross Training

People who have been exercising in traditional land based programs (step aerobics, running, biking, etc.) often plateau on the road to meeting their fitness goals. Experts recommend cross-training, or integrating a variety of types of exercise, to optimize an exercise regimen. Substituting water exercises or adding it to an existing program, at least a couple times a week can help jump start the body back on the road to peak condition.

Injury Prevention

Because water exercise is easier on the joints than other forms of aerobic exercise, participants are less prone to the injuries caused from high impact activities, such as running and step aerobics. The movements performed in the water are low to non-impact and emphasize correct spinal alignment, while offering all the benefits of other exercise programs.

Injury Recovery

Many people utilize water exercise to get back into exercise following an injury. Because of the reduced stress on the body in the aquatic environment, physicians often prescribe moderate water exercise as a first step in returning to a program of regular exercise.

Pregnant Women

Moderate exercise during pregnancy is recommended by many physicians to help regulate weight and reduce discomfort, such as backache.

Menopausal Women

Research has shown that exercise during menopause has three important physiological benefits: 1) maintaining bone density and muscle mass reduces the risk of osteoporosis 2) maintaining a healthy basal metabolic rate helps with weight control 3) the body’s production of HDL (good cholesterol) increases heart health.


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